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If a man cares not for his roots, how then can he care for his branches?

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I have confirmed that DF27* is my terminal haplotype.  I continue to have the opportunity and pleasure of speaking with Cloyds who are considering beginning their DNA journey.  I very much look forward to assisting where I can, or just learning the results, especially if those who test will contribute their results to the Cloyd DNA Project.

We do of course continue to welcome questions and comments regarding the information on this site.  Questions and comments are welcome regarding information on this site as well as anything I can offer regarding Dr. A.D. Cloyd's book, Genealogy of the Cloyd, Basye and Tapp families in America; with brief sketches referring to the families of Ingels, Jones, Marshall and Smith.  We are hoping to assist in augmenting Dr. Cloyd's book with any and all DNA information submitted through the Cloyd DNA Project.

As always, we are looking for Cloyd families in the U.K. to contribute information that may help connect to John, father of Ninian, known to have come from Ireland, that will continue our family tree.

Rev. 28 May, 2014

What's New

10 November 2014 - Winter is here, research is resuming, and some exciting new information is ready to share!  The newest member of the Cloyd DNA Project has launched a website, My Cloyd Lineage, supporting the MacLeod line. Welcome James!

29 July 2014 - The final word is not in yet, more research being done and more to share, still waiting on the closing of our new home.  I hope to be working on this again in the Fall, check back soon.  New site design in the works as well!

4 July 2014 - All markers are in!  I will be looking at what that has to offer as well as presenting new information as soon as I can; we're moving soon, so some research will have to wait.

30 June 2014 - All markers in except 76-85, 1 - 2 week for those to be reported... getting closer!

Rev. 11 November, 2014